Friday, May 11, 2007

The corn is planted

For the record, TGF began planting corn...April 16, 2007. He planted some headlands at Dick's farm and then we got some rain. On and off, he planted and finished up corn without incident on May 7th or 8th (I can't remember exactly, the days all run together when field work is being done). The weather gods/goddesses cooperated and he sprayed for 2 days (or at least he said he did) and then commenced to planting beans on May 10th.

Our corn is up, no death by rotary hoe at TGF and looking good. TGF feels that the strip till was a good idea so far and I think it is a good idea because he can't plant after dark because he can't see the marks, so at least I have some sort of ETA for when he might arrive for the evening (must get the beer cold afterall)

It is hard for me to wrangle the 2 little children by myself and get to work with clothes/shoes/makeup on by 9am, so I look forward to the planting being completed.

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