Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The joys of a gravel road

I love where we live, I love the country-ness, the wide open spaces, the no neighbors, the darkness, the no neighbors, however, sometimes in the spring it gets dicey. You see, the frost is coming out of our gravel road. Sounds harmless doesn't it? Except that makes the road soft-kind of like standing on a balloon. Usually it is just a matter of moving to another side of the road to drive on a flat spot, but this year for some reason the road is quite a spectacle. I was careening down it this morning being sucked abruptly from one side to another when I was reminded that perhaps this was good "blog fodder", something that folks that don't live in the country or on a gravel road would be interested in reading about. MG wondered if perhaps we would have to stay overnight in a hotel because we couldn't get down our road to get home. She thought that was a great idea, but I am sure she is thinking... POOL!!! Anywhoo, pretty much the entire road is mush, like driving in oatmeal, about 18" of it, quite spectacular really. I am reminded of a picture that my former mentor, Linda, had made from the archives of the Histerical society in Bloomington of a woman all dressed in black standing in front of her Model-T that was stuck in the mud road. That woman could be me as I felt like I was going to get stuck this morning as I took little bit to school this am...and it supposed to rain all day today.
4/20-the road has dried, we are back to our (dusty) normal. The universe is again in balance. I can safely wash my car.