Friday, May 18, 2007


Today, TGF will finish planting the beans! Let's say it all together please, like a chorus of angels, "HALLELUJAH!" Overall, although perhaps TGF might report differently, planting went well. No accidents, a few breakdowns, but nothing too spectacular or costly. Probably the most alarming was the 2" nut that came off of the drill at the part that actually holds the drill to the tractor, that could have been spectacular, but TGF caught it in his pre-planting review of the machinery. Now if we can get the VP in charge of weather (i.e. Aunt Mary or Mary Marshall-Grace) to assist us with good sunshine, warm, but not too warm temperatures and soft rain upon our fields, we will be in like flynn-oh, yes, please no FR*ST. I suspect that all of the corn is now up and TGF said that he figured some of the beans have begun to break the surface, always a good sign. So things are off to a good start here in the Country.

The roads have settled and the dust from same is flying again. MG wrote me this note this morning regarding the Mothers Tea that we will attend later today. Pretty funny, I particularly enjoy, "Note to Self".

The weekend looks like it will be beautiful. I hope you all have a great weekend, until I type again.... :)

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