Friday, April 27, 2007

Michael Gets his Horse

TGF's Father is a woodworker. He started around the time he started to think about retirement. I should someday take a picture of all the beautiful things he has made each of this children. One of the beauties of these items is that all the wood he uses comes from the farms that he owns. Each of our 3 children have rocking horses-actually, I think all of the grandchildren younger than Jack have rocking horses as well, he is very fair about doing equally for each. Jack's horse is made out of Ash and the pattern is from the New Yankee Workshop, MG's is made out of Cherry was a pattern that he purchased and this one is Walnut and is for Michael. It is an original Grandpa Marshall design. I tried to get a picture of Michael riding on it, but it just turns out a blur, he loves it and the horse is big enough for he and MG to ride the horse together. We are thankful that we will have these items to pass down for many generations.

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