Friday, April 27, 2007

Big Day at TGF

Recently it was a big day at TGF. Another new piece of equipment to play with. We have had the same mower for the 17 years that we have co-habited. It was around 30 years old, sometimes nothing truly does run like a Deere. It was old and loud and in really bad shape, but Old Faithful as we called it started every spring without fail no matter how much TGF choose to neglect it. We have about a 3 acre yard, the deck on Old Faithful was a 48" deck. Jack is about done living with us and TGF will again be faced with mowing the lawn (I do NOT mow lawn - that's a rant for another day). Kind of funny story, TGF was looking at the mowers online, he found one with a 48" deck and had found one with a 58" deck for about $900 more. Being the smart aleck that I am, I told him that I would pay $900 for 10 inches - of mower deck, get your mind out of the gutter! Anyway, we ended up with this beauty, 2 years old, 62" deck, it even has a cup holder and a plug to charge a cel phone or the like. The sad thing is that it cost almost as much as my (used) Cadillac (scroll down for car story) The lawn was mowed the first time this year with Old Faithful and once already with the new mower - yet to be named. Old Faithful - RIP

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