Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Harvest 2007

TGF began the 2007 harvest on Thursday, September 20, the earliest that TGF's father has ever remembered starting. The moisture in the corn was 16% and the yields were, well, lets just say amaizing. Scary amaizing. (yes, I said amaizing for a reason) The first day began without incident, they took the headlands off of Dick's farm and then they progressed to the Greg 40 which is currently about 2/3 harvested. On Saturday, they moved to Hochstead's and harvested that, hauling the corn to the elevator in Serena, hoping to beat the crowds as the other area farmers either haven't started, or are currently working on their bean harvest due to sudden death syndrome or brown stem rot (no, I don't make this up). On Saturday I was helping them jockey machinery and I had occasion to drive into the field. I couldn't believe how tall the corn is, the ears are attached to the stalks at about shoulder height (a good 18" higher than normal) and they are huge, the corn was probably at least a foot higher than TGF's huge 4wheel drive truck. So far everything is standing well and we did have some down-time last week for a couple of miscellaneous breakdowns, but so far so good is the report from the home front.

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