Tuesday, January 23, 2007

WwwwHhhhhaaaaatttt'sss UuuuPPPP!

What's up at TGF? Well, it is the dead of winter, we are checking the grain market prices 2-3 times per day. I really don't understand why, we have only about 6,000 bushels of corn that hasn't been sold from the '06 crop. We are pre-selling the '07 crop and very enthusiastic about the prices we have locked in, now we just have to grow it!

TGF is working on his winter projects. Normally, I get a shot at some Honey Do's, but this year, we have a new and improved project.

For more years than I care to think about, TGF has wanted to convert our beautiful 1902-ish barn into something a little more conducive to use in the current age. Let me just say before I go any further. I.LOVE.THAT.BARN, I love that barn just the way it is, with it's horse stalls and grain rooms and milking stanchions and feed bunks. I have always loved barns, I feel they have a story to tell and if I were able to sit long and quietly enough (try that with 3 Jr.-TGF's) I could hear them. BUT if we can't convert it into something useful, it will simply fall down around itself from neglect, SO if gutting it will save it, perhaps when I am old-er and the 3 Jr.-TGF's are grown, I can still listen for the stories. To that end, TGF has been cleaning and pitching and burning 30 years or so of accumulated "stuff" from the barn (think about what you have in your basement-this barn is HUGE) On top of the normal dose of "junk in the barn" in the hayloft (which BTW is big enough for a full sized basketball court) is a full load of chopped hay from the 50's. TGF is trying to work out a better/faster way to do this, but right now it looks as if it will have to be pushed out one.pitchfork.at.a.time. I will be documenting the renovation of the barn in this here blog. I will be needing to get pictures of the before soon, after the junk is out and before the de-construction begins. It is a beautiful barn and at least this way, it will be saved AND still look like a barn....oh, and I might get a place to park my car in bad weather...

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